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Ad / Banner Module 2.0 for X-cart
Place banners anywhere! Seamlessly integrate Ads and Banners into your existing X-cart site!! Associate Ad / Banners with your X-cart categories and display only relevant ads to customers!
Additional Product Thumbnail X-cart Mod
Allow your products to have separate category and product product page thumbnails!!
Market price: $49.95 save 20%
Advanced Product Ratings and Reviews for X-cart
Have complete control of what kind of ratings are given! Define multiple star ratings for your products (example Durability rating, Fun rating, Educational rating, etc) Ratings and reviews are also associated with each other!
Market price: $79.99 save 25%
Catalog Order (quick order) Form for X-cart
Do you have a product catalog you'd like your customers to be able to quick order from? Our Catalog Order / Quick Order form for X-cart may be for you! Allow your customers to quickly order products by entering the SKU / Product Code and quantity for many products and add them all at onc...
Market price: $49.95 save 20%
Customer Event Manager / Coupon Sender for X-cart
Send coupons to your customers based on special dates they enter. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Customer Polls
Tailor to your customers needs by giving them the ability to tell you what they need and want!
Customer Review BUNDLE - X-cart Mod
What's the best way to upsell but with your customer's feedback?! Upsell your reviewed products and manage them with this BUNDLE pack!
Market price: $59.90 save 11%
Customer Review Viewer - Xcart Mod
What's the best way to upsell but with your customer's feedback! Upsell your reviewed products automatically.
Customer Reward Points BUNDLE Pack
Get the Popular Customer Reward Points mod AND the Refer a Friend Add-on together and save!
Market price: $169.90 save 24%
Customer Rewards for X-cart 5 (Reward Points and Discounts)
Reward your repeat customers!!
Now in X-cart 5, Reward Customers with Points Discounts OR Reward Tiers!
Customer Survey Mod for Xcart
Want to know what your customers are thinking? Find out the answers with the Customer Survey Xcart Mod!
Market price: $69.99 save 29%
Customer Testimonials for Xcart
Display your customer's feed back about your products and services easily in X-cart. Great for building customer confidence!
Market price: $49.95 save 20%
Dynamic Banner Scroller for X-cart
Create dynamic content on your website with ease! Use this module to easily advertise key products and categories on your site. Also great for advertising external links as well as content on your site!
Easy Variant View for X-cart
The Easy Variant View (Variant Chart) for X-cart replaces your existing drop down options for product variants. Instead, nicely displayed rows of each of the variants are displayed including their variant image if available.
Market price: $69.95 save 29%
Marketing Manager Professional 3.0 Bundle for X-cart
Simply the most advanced collection of x-cart Add on's available in an incredible single purchase bundle.