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Address Book Modification for X-cart
Allow your customers to have multiple shipping addresses! Great for gift sites!
Customer Event Manager / Coupon Sender for X-cart
Send coupons to your customers based on special dates they enter. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Customer Review BUNDLE - X-cart Mod
What's the best way to upsell but with your customer's feedback?! Upsell your reviewed products and manage them with this BUNDLE pack!
Market price: $59.90 save 11%
Customer Review Viewer - Xcart Mod
What's the best way to upsell but with your customer's feedback! Upsell your reviewed products automatically.
Customer Survey Mod for Xcart
Want to know what your customers are thinking? Find out the answers with the Customer Survey Xcart Mod!
Market price: $69.99 save 29%
MAP Price mod for X-cart (minimum advertised price)
Does your suppliers have MAP restrictions on some of your products? Do they require you to advertise no lower than a specific minimum price? Then this mod may be your solution!
Market price: $49.95 save 20%
Multiple Upselling Links for X-cart
This is a must have X-cart mod for stores with 100+ products! Save hundreds of hours of time by using this mod to cross sell your products!

Increase your search engine rankings by cross selling your products!!
Printable Online Catalog for Xcart
Allow customers to print your whole online catalog! Rather than printing just one product or one category at a time!
Market price: $99.99 save 30%
Product Packaging / Bundle module for X-cart
Easily bundle your products into a one product package. This is great for easily giving the customer a great deal on products that are grouped together.
Market price: $69.95 save 29%
X-cart Gold or Pro Install
Have us install X-cart for you.
X-cart Order / Product Image Attacher / File uploader
Allow your customers to attach an image to products they are ordering! Great for custom product sites!
X-cart Pro Provider Order Shipping Splitter
Do you want your customers to be able to select which shipping method they want to use on a per provider basis upon checkout? Do you want your customers to get calculated realtime shipping based upon the provider's location and not the X-cart admin address? Then this module is for you!
Market price: $99.95 save 20%
Froogle & Google Base X-cart export Feed
Automatic and manual product feeds for froogle and google base with email, upload, ftp and server save modes!
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Abandoned Cart module for X-cart
Track your customer's abandoned carts and email them a reminder they have products left! This mod is great for getting abandoned carts converted!
Ad / Banner Module 2.0 for X-cart
Place banners anywhere! Seamlessly integrate Ads and Banners into your existing X-cart site!! Associate Ad / Banners with your X-cart categories and display only relevant ads to customers!