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Price Matching X-cart Mod
This Price Match Mod allows your customer to request a price match after purchasing an item. It also allows the admin to easily issue a gift certificate for the price difference for any approved price matching that the customer has requested.
Product Bundle for X-cart
Bundle your existing products to give your customers a great deal on multiple products, while encouraging them to purchase more!
Market price: $69.95 save 29%
Product Importer Updater Pro for X-cart
Need to synchronize the products in your X-cart store with a warehouse or drop shipper? Tired of manually converting your data file into X-cart’s format so that you can update products? Need to update prices and quantities in your store on a regular basis without human interaction? Product imp...
Market price: $249.95 save 22%
Product Picking - Order Fulfillment made Easy!
Product picking module is great for making order fulfillment easy. Print a product picking list to easily find all products that need to go out on your shipping list.
Market price: $59.95 save 17%
Product Sort by Pro for X-cart!
Have more control of your sort by! Allow customers to sort by standard fields as well as any custom extra fields you have!
Market price: $39.95 save 25%
Quote Request Module for Xcart
Allow your customers to request a custom quote! Fully featured quoting tool to facilitate customers to request custom quotes for an order.
Market price: $79.95 save 13%
Radio Checkbox Product Options Module for X-cart
Back by popular demand! Always wanted to easily have radio or checkboxes for your product options? Now you can with this X-cart mod!
Re-order mod for X-cart! (reorder)
One-click Quick Re-ordering of past orders! Optionally add quick links to reorder just one product at a time! Introductory Price!
Market price: $49.95 save 20%
Receipt Printer Addon for the Point of Sale
Purchase this Addon to the Point of Sale to be able to print your Point of Sale receipts to a receipt printer!! Requires only a receipt printer capable of printing from webpages! Note this is an ADDON to our Point of Sale. You must have already purchased the Point of Sale...
Refer a Friend - Customer Reward Points Add-on
Love our Customer Reward Points x-cart mod? Then you'll love this add on! Expand your customer base with this add-on!
Responsive / Mobile Admin for X-cart!
Easily manage your store from a mobile device or tablet! This module auto displays when it detects a mobile device and will display your X-cart admin in a mobile friendly view! For tablets there's a quick 'Mobile Admin' link to switch to mobile mode as well! Desktop display is untouched!
Market price: $199.95 save 25%
Review Points - Customer Reward Points Addon
The long awaited Reward Points addon is here!! Allow customers to earn points for submitting reviews!
Market price: $49.95 save 20%
Shipping Insurance Mod
Allows your customers to select shipping insurance during the checkout process on your store.
Market price: $59.95 save 17%
Shipping Methods per Product for X-cart
Have some items that can only be shipped via a specific shipping method? This mod allows you to define shipping methods on a per product basis to restrict some items from only being able to be shipped via those methods.
Strong Password for X-cart
Did you know that you can have your site hacked by a weak admin password? This is great for enforcing strong password practices amoung your employees and their admin account. This is a must have mod for every x-cart store!
Market price: $39.95 save 25%