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X-Cart Responsive Template

X-Cart Responsive Template
Responsive X-Cart template, 4.7 ready

Template scales to fit all screen sizes, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, devices, etc.

Passes Google's Mobile Friendly test, giving you a quick and easy solution to Google-geddon, where as of 21 April, Google began a structured, systematic de-ranking of websites that are not mobile-friendly. In other words, Google intends to reward websites that are responsive and that offer a good user experience when viewed from a phone or tablet; conversely, websites that are not mobile-friendly will get a smaller and smaller piece of the page rank action by being systematically demoted

Click here for the Demo
(Drag/scale your browser window smaller and bigger to see how the template responds to the different resolutions. Or in Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-M for responsive mode.)

This site is also based on the template, so you are already seeing it in action.

HTML5 W3C Compliant - click here to verify

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