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Feed Manager Pro Bundle (all Feeds)

Feed Manager Pro Bundle (all Feeds)
Licensed Domain (Required)
X-Cart Version
ALL of our current feeds (as sold for $49.95 each) in one massive discount bundle, save over $200.

** Top end FUTURE PROOFED features protect you against feed changes

The feed manager allows you to Automatically or Manually

Email feeds
FTP upload feeds
Download Feeds
Save Feeds to the server

Automatic feed ability can be ran using cron, windows scheduler, links or via the feed manager interface so you can set up feeds to automatically updated when you need them

YOU have the ability to modify/add/change field output easily so even if the feeds change, you know you are safe as you can easily add/change the fields within our easy to use interface.

The data is cleaned up and exported legalised (html etc removed).

Works with HTML descriptions, detail or thumbnail images.

Gives you the option of using either the short descriptions or the details ones and truncates to the correct length.

Our export will give you the most options available to get your products listed correctly.

Advanced access to code class sections for programmers who wish to customise the feed outputs further.

Requirements (pretty much standard across all commercial servers)

- PHP safe mode off
- Zlib enabled in PHP (standard on almost all hosts)
- Includes 3 months of support and upgrades?
- Outgoing connections allowed (for FTP ability)
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