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Price Matching X-cart Mod

Price Matching X-cart Mod
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This Price Match Mod allows your customer to request a price match after purchasing an item. It also allows the admin to easily issue a gift certificate for the price difference for any approved price matching that the customer has requested.

The admin sets the maximum days after an order is placed that a customer can
request a price match, the "Terms and Conditions", and whether or not an email
is sent informing the Admin of each new Price Match.

The admin can automatically send Gift Certificates to the customer. The value
of the GC is the difference between the store's price and the competitor's

The customers have a new button on the Order History page called "Price
Matching" where they can send the admin Price Matches. The button disappears
after the customer sends a Price Match for every item in an order or after
the time period set by the admin expires.

Each item in an order can only be Price Matched once by the customer.
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