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Advanced Product Ratings and Reviews for X-cart

Advanced Product Ratings and Reviews for X-cart
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Version 2 out!

Complete control of what kind of ratings are given. Define multiple star ratings for your products (example Durability rating, Fun rating, Educational rating, etc) Ratings and reviews are connected so you can see the ratings with the reviews!

All reviews are moderated. Meaning you the admin can approve them before they go live on your site! This helps prevent spaming and other malicous type of posting of reviews directly on your site! Now with captcha support!

Customer Features
  • Customers have the ability to vote if the review was helpful or not. Just like on Amazon
  • Customers can vote on any of the multiple ratings types you provide.
  • Customers can also write a written review *at the same time* unlike with the built in X-cart module.
  • Or if the customer just wants to rate the item they can just rate it.
  • Reviews are clearly grouped with the ratings with the date and how useful the review was.
  • Ratings can be shown below the thumbnail on the product page.
  • Ratings can be shown in the category pages and search result pages.
  • Optionally use X-cart's Captcha module V2 feature

Admin Features
  • Admin area to view any pending reviews and their rating.
  • Pending reviews display a quick way to Approve, Decline or Delete a pending review
  • Besides the review and rating, you can also view what IP posted the review and if the customer was logged in when they posted the review, you can see their login name
  • Set up one or many Rating Types for your system. Example, for a toy site you may want Durability, Fun, Educational ratings for every product.
  • Order your rating types
  • Easily disable or enable a rating type
  • Option to allow reviews to auto post for logged in customers
  • Option to show or not show the Rating Text next to the rating (you would want this enabled if you had more than one rating active).
  • Option to show the average rating
  • Option to show the average rating at the top of the ratings or at the bottom
  • You can enter custom text for the average rating. (For example, some may want to call it "Average Rating", others may want to call it "Overall Rating", etc.
  • Ability to have different rating "groups". This allows you to have different rating types and review for every product. See our ratings on our templates products vs normal modules (V2 Feature)
  • Custom Review Fields - can be Radio Boxes, Drop Down boxes, One line text entries, or Text area boxes (V2 Feature)
  • Easily enable or disable Rating/Review groups (V2 Feature)
  • Import old X-cart reviews and ratings! (V2 Feature)
  • Product Modify page allows you to select which Rating/Review group to use for that product(V2 Feature)
  • Product Modify Page shows you the average ratings for each rating type (V2 Feature)
  • Product Modify Page includes a quick link to view/edit all reviews for that product. (V2 Feature)

Be on the look out for a Review Emailer addon module that will allow you to send out email reminders to customers to review the products they bought with links to the product pages. It will be compatible with the built in X-cart reviews as well as this addon!
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