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Customer Testimonials for Xcart

Customer Testimonials for Xcart
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Display your customer's feed back about your products and services easily in X-cart. Great for building customer confidence!

  • Admin Configurable number of testimonials to show at once
  • Admin Configurable to show a link to "view all" testimonials
  • Testimonials shown randomly
  • All new testimonials are auto set to "pending" status and only show up on the site once set to "approved"
  • Ability to quickly delete all "declined" testimonials with one click of a button
  • Ability to edit any testimonial (great for taking out inappropriate words)

Click on the thumbnail to see the Admin Side of the mod.
Photo Uploader for x-cart
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X-Cart 4.3 and 4.2 Template Lumino Classic
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Customer Polls
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Point of Sale / Phone Ordering Mod Terminal Upgrades
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Custom Development
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$0.00 DPM Module for X-cart (PA/DSS Compliant)
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X-Cart Anonymous Customer Search Order History
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Product Questions
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