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Launching your shop - Free Advice

Launching your shop - Free Advice
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Synopsis: So you've built your shop, loaded your products - here's some final advice before you open it up...
OK, so now, after much time setting up your shop and loading your products, you are about to start playing the e-commerce numbers game. That is all this is about - getting as many visitors to your shop and then of those visitors, converting them into paying customers. However, your online shop will still rely on traditional business values, excellent service, an enjoyable customer experience leading to good word of mouth ensuring people return again and again and tell more people about your shop. So in these early days it is important to make sure your shop is ready, if not these first few visitors may be lost for ever. And don't overlook security or these first visitors may be unwanted ones.

You need to make sure you have got all your backend systems in place as well. There is no point taking orders if you haven't ordered stock or don't have delivery mechanisms in place. The last thing you need is to keep customers waiting for their first orders.

Make certain
If you are new to X-Cart you will have found that such a fully featured product has a lot of settings, so it is easy to miss things. Most new shops make the same mistakes, leaving useless links, a slower than necessary store, security lapses and so on. Either because they have been missed or the implication of changing a setting isn't fully understood. Our quick check will reassure you that you are ready to go online or point out the areas that need addressing and improving to make a better and safer customer experience. Click here for our Pre-Flight Check

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