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xCMS - Blogs, Information, News, Articles and more!
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Market price: $139.99
xCMS has been updated with a host of new features including: a blog home page featuring recent, most views and most commented articles, Google authorship and Rich Snippets/Structured Data integration, YouTube integration, Facebook Comments, a search feature and more! View the Changelog for full details.

SEO Optimization

  • Fully integrated with CDSEO Pro for X-Cart to provide xCMS with all the SEO optimization tools of CDSEO including xml sitemap integration, search engine friendly urls, custom page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords and link titles.
  • Built-in Rich Snippets/Structured Data tags to help search engines understand your content and customize your search engine listings.
  • Integrated Google Authorship with support for multiple authors using custom biographies.
  • Integrated Google News Keyword meta tag.

Social Media Integration

  • Integrated Facebook Comments (optional).
  • Ability to easily embed YouTube videos.
  • One-click YouTube Subscription.

Category Features

  • Unlimited categories and unlimited subcategories.
  • Top-level categories are displayed in menu dialog boxes in your side navigation.
  • Default top-level categories include blogs, information, news, and articles which can be enabled/disabled/edited/deleted easily to customize your content needs.
  • Synopsis for categories allow ideal SEO keyword optimization for the pages.
  • Thumbnail images for categories can be easily added through the admin panel.

Entry Features

  • Integration with x-cart's WYSIWYG editor makes formatting entries simple.
  • Entries can be posted with an expiry date to display content that will automatically expire; ideal for mentioning sales and specials, etc.
  • Post date for entries can be specified so you can post entries to the past, or to the future. When posting to the future, entries won't appear until their post-date so you can post many entries at once for future post dates and search engines will believe your site is being constantly updated.
  • Records the number of times an entry has been viewed which can optionally be shown on entry pages.
  • Entries can be sorted by Recent, Most Commented, Most Viewed.
  • Article listings are paginated allowing you to configure the number to display per-page.
  • Synopsis for entries allow ideal SEO keyword optimization for the pages.
  • Thumbnail images for entries can be easily added through the admin panel.

Comment System

  • Captcha and optional url prevention in comments aid in the prevention of spam.
  • Comments aren't posted live until given admin approval.
  • Admin receives email notification of pending comments.
  • Comments can be disabled globally or for specific entries.
  • Comments are paginated allowing admin to configure the number to display per-page.
  • Comments can be batch updated to modify/approve/delete.
  • Admin can reply to comments when approving the queue.

Additional Features

  • RSS feed allow users to subscribe to your content feeds.
  • Most Viewed entries (All | Last 30 Days | Last 7 Days)
  • Most Commented entries (All | Last 30 Days | Last 7 Days)
  • Entry search functionality.
  • Modify CDSEO values from the add/modify screens.


  • Supports only the primary language of the store.
Photo Uploader for x-cart
Photo Uploader for x-cart
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Advanced Filter for X-cart
Advanced Filter for X-cart
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Employee Link Control for X-cart
Employee Link Control for X-cart
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Product Sort by Pro for X-cart!
Product Sort by Pro for X-cart!
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X-cart Gold or Pro Install
X-cart Gold or Pro Install
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X-mall Static Pages for each Store
X-mall Static Pages for each Store
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Move X-Cart site to root
Move X-Cart site to root
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X-Cart 4.3 Boutique Template
X-Cart 4.3 Boutique Template
desc here
Share A Sale X-cart export Feed
Share A Sale X-cart export Feed
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