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Adding Products to Your X-Cart Shop

Adding Products to Your X-Cart Shop
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Synopsis: If you need to get your shop up and running, but still have to add all of your products, we can take care of this task, leaving you to do something more productive.
We offer an entry service which uses many methods depending on what you would like installed to your cart. Our standard pricing includes the addition of the product in different ways:

1. We will go to a website and acquire the product and images for you. You would supply the website address and the line of products you would like entered. The product is then entered to your cart to meet your design.

2. You may supply the products you would like to enter on a list and we will research them on the internet and acquire the product and price within the competitive range seen on the sites carrying that line of products. For instance you would like us to enter 10 products from ABC company and have supplied their names. Then just let us know if you wish to price lower or at the same level as your competitor.

3. You may send a wholesaler price list to us with the products and the rate at which you want to price. We will find the best displays of this product on the internet or through any login this wholesaler has given you and enter to the cart according to your pricing direction. (ie. mark-up 10% above wholesale cost)

4. You may supply the images and information you will like entered and we will enter for you. There is no extra charge to load any amount of images if they are sized and ready to go in the cart.

Our Standard rate for product entry is $1.50 per product this includes the addition of:

1. Images sized according to your direction (3)main image, Thumbnail and magnified) additional images if available will be loaded to the cart in displays if desired, we give a full listing and enter any additional images found at a rate of .40 per image with a cap of $1.60.
(this means we enter the first detailed image in the standard cost and all detailed images we find up to a cap of $1.60 extra for that product. So if there are three detailed images with a product your cost is $2.30 for that product, if there are 6 detailed images your cost is $3.10. We take great care in entering images and will enhance, resize to spec, modify using photoshop to insure your cart and images look good)

2. All product info you desire, shipping, description, extra fields you may have, keywords ect.)

3. Options up to (2). (Additional options are entered at a rate of .55 per option).

We detail every product entered for you on billing. In addition, we will make suggestions that you may concur on as we enter. For instance, long term maintenance of your cart depends upon quickly modifying a product after it's entered we will add extra fields in your product screen for your products that address this, like shipping. This way shipping on product lines can be modified quickly in the future by selecting all products and updating this one field.

Note: Product displays or galleries done in html for products (multiple color examples for a customer to view for option choices) are $25.00 a page and include a link from all products that may require an added display. All other products with options a customer may wish to see are included as detailed images and there is the minimal charge of .40 per extra image up to $1.60, all extra detailed images cap at $1.60. We obtain as many images as possible to insure your displays give lots of information to your customer.

What we need from you:

1. Standard image size for your cart. Thumbnail, Main and Mag image size.

If you have not established it we will determine the best fit for your design and stay with that standard on all products once you approve.

2. A list of products you want entered.

3. Any pricing directions of concerns you may have.

4. Establishment of a user access for our entry specialists. If you do not know how to do this in your xcart admin we will assist you.

5. Anything special or extra you would like to have appear with your products.

Depending on how quickly you would like your entry done, we can have it begin immediately on your direction and can usually enter multiple products per week. Average entry for products vary as some require more detail. 500 a week is possible.

We support any entries we make to your cart and will correct any problems you may identify at not cost to you. Our goal is to give you the best displays possible.

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