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X-Cart 4.3 Boutique Template

X-Cart 4.3 Boutique Template
A template designed in a Boutique style - clean, upmarket, with a Font replacement technique to provide some extra style, while maintaining readability in search engines.

Featuring Large Image Display on mouseover on the listings pages.

  • Introductory offer - includes FREE FancyBox detailed image lightbox
  • Includes FREE, complimentary logo template
  • Photoshop elements provided
  • Includes Ajax/dynamic add to cart buttons and dynamic mini-cart

Installation and Personalisation
Being a template designed specifically for X-Cart 4.3.x, installation is pretty straight forward, and people familiar with ftp should have no problem. You will of course want to personalise it with your own logo. A complimentary logo is provided free of charge, along with the photoshop and font files so that you can edit this one - or you may want to just drop your own in. Full instructions are provided, but if you are not comfortable with any of this - just select Installation and it will all be done for you.

Design Philosophy
The idea of this template is to provide a strong, stunning design, allowing you to compete on a level playing field with competitors with much bigger budgets - at an affordable price. The design works by removing a lot of the extra bits from the screen and keeping it clean and simple. It is still pretty much the default template structure underneath, so most things can be put back if necessary, but you have to consider if they would compromise the design. Please check though, before ordering, if you want to add elements to the template, to check if they are relatively easy to do.

Click here for a working demo in 4.3.1...
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