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X-Cart 4.3 and 4.2 Template Lumino Classic

X-Cart 4.3 and 4.2 Template Lumino Classic
Change Color Scheme
  • X-Cart 4.3 and 4.2 ready template
  • Includes FREE Categories Navigation Menu (RRP $49.95)
  • Includes FREE Product Tabs Menu
  • Bestsellers with thumbnails
  • W3C Compliant. Click here to check v4.2 for compliance...
    Click here to check v4.3 for compliance...
  • Easy to change color scheme
  • Photoshop elements provided
  • 4.3 version includes Ajax/dynamic add to cart buttons and dynamic mini-cart

    Installation and Personalisation
    Being a template designed specifically for X-Cart, installation is pretty straight forward, and people familiar with ftp should have no problem. You will of course want to personalise it with your own logo and phone no. A complimentary logo is provided free of charge, along with the photoshop and font files so that you can edit this one - or you may want to just drop your own in. With basic photoshop skills you should be able to alter the logo and the telephone graphic. Full instructions are provided, but if you are not comfortable with any of this - just select Installation and it will all be done for you.

    Changing Color Scheme
    The template has been designed to make changing the color scheme as easy as possible - if you are familiar with editing a css file, you can pretty much go in and change the color references to suit - a guide is provided to get you on the way. Some graphics are of course needed - so photoshop files are also provided so you can change and upload your own images where necessary. Again, if you would like this doing for you - just select Change Color Scheme in the options.

    New version 4.3.x users - Click here for a Working Demo in 4.3

    Click here for a Working Demo in 4.2
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