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Shop By Filters - Product Filtering by Category, Extra Fields, Options and more

Shop By Filters - Product Filtering by Category, Extra Fields, Options and more
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How many times have you been shopping on a site, browsing categories, or price ranges and happened upon the ideal product? Without that fluid browsing ability, you may never have found what you needed. Customers love to browse on web stores, just like they do at real stores, but without a good filter system, the experience can be frustrating. The Shop By Filters module creates a fluid shopping experience for your customers and makes setting up filters easy for you.

Shop By Filters is an advanced filtering system for your category, manufacturer, and search pages. You can filter variants, options, extra fields, prices, & manufacturers with no extra setup required! Shop By Filters automatically displays the filtering options for the available variants, prices, & extra fields.

It works on the default search page, the category pages, and the Smart Search. No setup time needed, no need to flag products to be included in filters, or options to be included in filters, Shop By Filters does all of the work for you. It automatically detects prices, options, variants, manufacturers, and extra fields to build the filtering display. To fine tune your filters there is a set of powerful admin tools that let you control the filters of each product individually in your store.


  1. Filter display by:

    • Price
    • Category
    • Options
    • Variants
    • Manufacturer
    • Extra Fields

  2. MySQL indexes for fast operation

  3. Fully Automatic. No need to spend hours/days going through your products setting up your filtering system. "Shop By" Filters automatically detects the available options, extra fields, & prices to build the filtering interface.

  4. Customizable. Automatic is great, but sometimes you need some fine tuned control over the filters. Shop By Filters has an AJAX based admin search to quickly search for extra fields and options and enable or disable them for any product. With the admin interface you can select and assign what options, variants, extra fields and pricing tiers to display.

  5. Filter your product options and variants. Sell products by size, color, model, etc. Now your customer can check the available options on the search pages and filter this down to only the products they are looking to purchase.

  6. Compatibility. Shop By Filters works with the Smart Search, the default X-Cart default search, categories, and manufacturer pages.



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