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Responsive / Mobile Admin for X-cart!

Responsive / Mobile Admin for X-cart!
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Easily manage your store from a mobile device or tablet! This module auto displays when it detects a mobile device and will display your X-cart admin in a mobile friendly view! For tablets there's a quick 'Mobile Admin' link to switch to mobile mode as well! Desktop display is untouched!

This module is great for:
  • Mobile Order Management
  • Mobile Product Management
  • Mobile User Management
  • Responsive HTML5 Admin Template - use on virtually any device
  • Fulfill orders right from your phone!
  • Create products on the fly with your phone, including adding pictures from your phone's gallery or camera
  • Accordion style interface for less scrolling
  • Easy Access to Menus and Dialogs
  • Unsupported areas (like Payment Method configuration) link directly to the desktop view with an easy way to get back
  • Quick Search Button
  • Easy, clean mobile friendly interface
Try out the demo now to see how this can greatly help save you time and money! Manage your store from anywhere now!

Mobile Admin/App Demo for X-cart

We programmed the most common admin features you'd want to use on a mobile device.

You can even add in your own custom skinning for any custom module you'd like!
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