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Quote Request Module for Xcart

Quote Request Module for Xcart
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Allow your customers to request a custom quote! This is a fully featured quoting tool for your shopping cart.
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How it works:
  • Customers can take any shopping cart list and quickly turn it into a quote with the click of a button.
  • Customers can write a message to the store owner when requesting a quote (For example, I found these items on xyzdomain.com for less)
  • The customer gets a quote receipt which can be printed if desired, like an order invoice can be printed.
  • Quote is auto submited into a quote table for the admin to review and approve or disapprove.
  • Admin searches for pending quotes.
  • Admin picks a quote to review and can easily change the price of one or more individual products, or can add a global discount to the order.
  • Admin can then click that they approve the quote and optionally add a message to the customer
  • Admin can also add or remove products from the quote
  • OR the admin can decline the quote with an optional message to the customer.
  • Customer will receive the approval or declined quote.
  • If the quote is approved, the customer will get a unique, random Approval code in an email with a link to the site.
  • The customer can then enter their approval code once logged in. This will auto add the products to the cart with their discount.
  • The customer cannot edit the items in the cart from the quote. For example, they cannot delete one of the products from the quote. This is protection from someone wanting a discount for a large order, and then getting a discount and reducing their order total. A customer can clear the cart to cancel using the quote and they can add additional products to the cart. if they cancel using the quote, they can later then use the quote if desired.
  • Once an order is placed from a quote, that orderid is associated with the quote it came from for the Admin's records. This can be viewed in the quote area of the admin.

As with all BCSE products, you are entitled to 3 months of upgrades! Be sure and enter your shop domain below to be eligible!
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