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Product Questions

Product Questions

Do your customers ask the same product-related questions again and again? With Product Questions module you can save your time and publish the answers right on product pages.

This extension enables shoppers to ask questions about your products and get answers from your staff. Questions and answers appear together as a tab on the product page.

Key Features

  • Moderated questions

    Any questions that have not yet been answered by your staff are visible only to the people who asked them. Such questions appear with a special "on moderation" mark next to them. The store administrator is notified of new questions by e-mail.

  • Non-registered users can ask product questions too

    You can configure whether non signed in visitors can ask questions about your products, or not. If a user specified an e-mail address when asking a question, the answer is e-mailed to him or her as well as published on the product page.

  • Public and private questions

    When asking a question, a customer can make it a public or a private one. Private questions (and answers to them) are visible only to the users who asked them.

  • Slick user experience

    To get the product page load faster, the Questions tab lists only a few recent questions along with a link to show the entire list of them. The module uses the AJAX technique to update product questions without a complete page reload.

  • Multi-vendor ready

    When used together with Multi-vendor module this module e-mails questions about a product to the vendor that added the product. In the back-end vendors can answer questions about their products, and the answers show up with the vendor's name.

  • FAQs managed by the store's staff

    Website administrators can edit users' questions and even create their own questions based on past discussions with customers.

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