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Printable Online Catalog for Xcart

Printable Online Catalog for Xcart
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Version 4 out for 4.6.x of X-cart

Now with Interactive Booklet option!!

Create a PDF catalog now using this module! This feature requires your server to use PHP5 and your website pages, category and product descriptions to have well-formed html Usually this is not a problem for sites and there are tools out there to help fix any HTML coding mistakes. The W3 validator is a great tool for this. NOTE: We cannot guarantee the PDF feature will work for you. Many variables including invalid HTML and the number of products effect the ability for your server to generate a PDF file. Contact us with any concerns if this feature is critical.

Allow customers to print your whole online catalog! Rather than printing just one product or one category at a time!

Ever have customers ask if you have a printed catalog? Then this mod is for you!

Highly Configurable!!

Admin Configuration Options:
  • You can choose the product fields you want to display. Choose from any or all of the following.
    • Product Code
    • Product Name
    • Thumbnail
    • List Price
    • Store Price
    • Quantity
    • Weight
    • Product URL
    • Short/Full Description (with an option for a character limit)
  • You can choose how many products display per page. ( This is good for very large stores in which it wouldn't be reasonable to show all products on one page. )
  • Separate from how may products per page are displayed, you can set how many products per Printable page. ( This helps you configure the mod to print appropriate for your thumbnail sizes and products)
  • You can configure with one check box to display in a product per line format, or a grid format.
  • Number of Columns in grid format configurable in the admin!
  • Ability to enter "Special Text" on each Printed page. (Good for messages like "Prices valid through December 31, 2015")
Catalog Page Features
  • Title Page - Shows Company Logo and Name
  • Table of Contents - Displays Category listing in Alphabetical order
  • Listing of Products - Displays as determined by configuration settings in the Admin. (see above)
  • Product Names link to their Product's page.

NOTE: Versions 4.5.x and earlier do not have all features listed! Namely the Interactive booklet and PDF support! Email us with questions!

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