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Monthly Management, Small Shop

What you get, briefly:

  • Backup and Offline Storage of your data
  • Database optimisation
  • Re-active email support including answers to "Can you just?" / "How do I?" type questions
  • Priority support and work scheduling
  • Pro-active email support
  • Recommendation of possible Add-ons
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) advice
  • Discounted pricing
  • Security advice
  • Installation of X-Cart released security updates and patches

Why you need this:

Committing to an ongoing relationship makes sense - it means I get to know you and your business and can become an even more valuable resource to you as time goes by.

More time to spend with your customers to generate income and the peace of mind which comes from knowing your business is being taken care of in your absence by an experienced professional.

While X-cart remains one of the most popular ecommerce software packages out there demand for our services will continue to grow and as specialists in x-cart, and one of the leading suppliers of x-cart services in addition to being a high profile moderator of the X-cart forum, this demand will always be heavy. Subscribers to this package will therefore receive priority response and support, as well as enjoy discounted pricing.

What you get - the details:

Backup and Offline Storage of your data
While the chance of catastrophic loss of all your data is minimal - why take a chance? It is well documented the high probability of failure after losing such data. Regular backups will give you peace of mind that if the worst does happen, through hacking, server failure, etc. you can at least resort to your last backup even if only part of your data goes wrong. Of course several hosts these days provide backup - but what if the host, or the datacenter is hacked or suffers a fire or similar damage as has happened in the recent past? You simply can't have enough backups.

Database optimisation
Half of your X-Cart shop you can see, the other half - the database, you can't. But it is this database that drives your shop, and if it isn't kept clean and tidy, your shop front is going to be going slowly, making your website crawl and hence adversely affecting the customer experience. Regular maintenance keeps things running smoothly.

Email Support
Although X-Cart is designed to be owner managed, we all know that with its steep learning curve and myriad of features, knowing how to do everything, such as sending newsletters which you only do from time to time, is nigh on impossible without some kind of help. Well ask away within this package as well as anything else you want to try or get an opinion on before jumping in.

Priority Support and Work Scheduling
Management package account customers will continue to receive priority response to problems, questions and requests for work, etc, ahead of new customers and non-subscribers.

Pro-active Review of your Shop
By looking after a wide range of websites worldwide, we know what works, what is going to turn your visitors into customers, what will (and will not) get you found in search engines and what is going to give you the best return on your investment. Regular review and analysis will allow us to point out any areas of weakness and advise improvements.

Recommendation of possible 3rd party Add-ons and Modifications
The main X-cart software only goes so far - sometimes something else is needed to solve a particular business problem, perhaps to improve the checkout or a sitemap to improve search engine placement. There are a number of companies constantly writing such modifications to meet worldwide demand from X-cart users. When these modifications may be of benefit to your shop, we will let you know, saving you having to keep an eye on the marketplace - that's our job.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) advice
The rules and algorithms for search engine placement, in particular in everyone's favourite - Google, are always changing. While we cannot offer the services of a full time SEO company, if there are any major changes and anything that we think you could and should be doing we will let you know.

Favourable Pricing
Your pricing for any work extra to this package will be done at an agreed, discounted hourly rate (providing you sign up for a minimum of one year).
Prices are then fixed for one year.
Security Advice
Hackers are continually looking to exploit weaknesses in all computer software, Windows, Internet Explorer etc, and of course e-commerce sites like yours make for an attractive target. As the X-Cart development community becomes aware of the latest hacking/fraud exploitation, your site will be checked to make sure that it is secure and patches applied where necessary.

Installation of X-Cart released Security Updates and Patches
Occasionally X-Cart will find a security problem and release an update for this as well as patches to fix other known problems.* These will be installed for you.

What you don't get:-

We cannot provide or guarantee 24/7 support.

Price rises for one year!

While we do all we can to help you to keep the hackers out, we don't provide any guarantees or assurances against this.

We cannot guarantee top 10 placements in Google.

*Software version upgrades. Nor does it include retrospective applying of security patches. Only patches released after the start date will be applied.

Next steps:

Just enter your domain below, and click the Subscribe button. Your support will start for the following month.

You can terminate the contract at any time for subsequent months.
(If you should cancel within the first year, you will become liable for the discounted portion of any work done at your discounted rate)