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Deluxe Tools Suite for Checkout One

Deluxe Tools Suite for Checkout One
X-Cart Version
Market price: $149.99

The Checkout One Deluxe Tool Suite adds four indispensable tools to Checkout One. These combine to give you a real time checkout monitoring control panel in your X-Cart admin.

Overview of the Tools:

  • The most flexible and feature filled Abandoned Carts Reminder you can buy.
  • Saved Carts for all users indefinitely.
  • An Email My Cart button where customers can request and email of their current cart and complete their purchase at a later date, or send it to another user to complete the purchase as a gift.
  • Real time checkout error logging. If a customer is receiving an error while they are checking out, you will know.

Recover Abandoned and Forgotten Carts

The Abandoned Cart Reminder stores all carts, and gives you the ability to view exactly what was added to the cart and when the order was not completed. This is registered as soon as the customer enters their email on the one page checkout. Even if a customer doesn’t submit their order you will be able to try and recover the sale.

Improve conversion rates with these features:

  • Send notifications to customer who abandon their shopping carts
  • Customers can restore their carts with just one click on the link sent in the email.
  • Include Special Offers as an incentive to complete the purchase.
  • Advanced tracking displays: viewed emails, restored carts, and completed purchases.
  • Send individual personalized messages to customers.

Extremely Flexible Automated Sending System

Automate the process by sending notifications based on rules you created. Create different campaigns and track their effectiveness. You have full control over when the campaign begins, expires, and when and how often it is sent. You can send the notifications based on multiple different criteria:

  • Time since the cart was started
  • Products in the cart
  • Order status (Not finished, Queued, Declined, Failed)
  • Cart subtotal
  • Special Discounts which can be automatically added to the customer's cart when they click the cart restore link in the email

The powerful search engine lets you locate carts by product, email, name, or error received. If you find out there was a stock issue, or an issue with shipping on a particular product you can quickly find users who added this item to their cart and send them a notification and attempt to recover a lost sale. Additionally, system uses a minimizing algorithm to store the cart data using 95% less space in your database than a similar system would.

Save All Carts

All carts will be saved at your store, even if the customer doesn’t register, or if their session is expired. Once a cart is started a cookie is stored on the customer computer, and if they return in an hour, a few days, or a couple of months from now they will find their cart just as they left it. This is very important because the X-Cart session is only one hour by default, so if a customer has to take a long phone call, or is distracted even for a little while their cart is gone when they return to checkout. No longer will this be a hindrance to a customer completing the checkout.

Emailed Carts

Sometimes a customer isn’t ready to make a purchase, but they want to store their cart for later. Now the customer can enter their name and email on the cart page and have a personalized link generated and emailed to them to use when they are ready to complete their purchase. This is also great for customers who want to send a link to a friend or family member of their cart so they can make the same purchase. It is like sending a copy of your cart to your friends.
Additionally, these emailed carts will be stored in the admin where you can send follow ups, or generate a special discount for these customer to use to complete their stored cart purchases.

Real Time Error Messages

The checkout is the most critical area of your site, because it is the most complex area. There is a lot of data that needs to be entered, and it is easy for a customer to make a mistake. Checkout One will make this a lot easier, but there will always be some customers who are missing a field, or entering the wrong expiration date on their CC, wrong postal code, or doing something similar that causes the checkout to fail. Now if you receive an email from a customer with a complaint that they can’t checkout, or your site is broken, etc, you will be able to look up the exact error the customer was having, and help him or her remedy the error and complete the sale.

Additionally, since the errors are logged in real time, you can load this section up and keep track on what is going on at the checkout. Never before have you had such a close look at what your customers are doing on the checkout page.

Checkout One Deluxe Tool Suite makes it easy for you to monitor your customers' actions on your site. The admin side is a full AJAX + jQuery interface. There are no page reloads and everything is extremely fast and easy to use.



Requirements: Checkout One Version 2.0.1 or greater

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