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Customer Event Manager / Coupon Sender for X-cart

Customer Event Manager / Coupon Sender for X-cart
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Flexible Coupon Sender for X-cart. Allows you to collect information about your customers, like Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc You can then periodically search for upcoming events and send a group of customers a coupon for their upcoming event! Great for getting repeat customers!

  • Admin configurable the number of events allowed to be entered (1-5).
  • Admin configurable the return address on the coupon email
  • Selectable % or absolute $ off coupon
  • Enter the # of days the coupon is valid for
  • Enter minimum order amount for coupon to be valid.

Be sure and click on the thumbnail for screen shots!

X-cart Pro Users: Note that X-cart Pro does not allow coupons to be applied globally across all providers. If you need this feature please contact us before purchasing as it is custom work based upon your needs.

View the Read Me file.

As with all BCS Engineering products, you are entitled to 3 months of free upgrades! Be sure and enter your shop domain below to be eligible!
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