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CDSEO Pro Upgrade

CDSEO Pro Upgrade
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Upgrade Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) Pro for X-Cart to the latest version.

Change Log

Modified outputfilter to properly replace around #anchor tags i.e. product.php?productid=X#anchor will become seo-friendly-url.html#anchor.  Fix applied to categories, products, manufactures, xcms categories, xcms entries.

Reliance on ctype_digit removed.
Updated http_build_query to specify usage of &.

Added compatibility with xCMS.
Moved import/export to modules section to accomodate new xCMS button.

Added compatibility for x-cart version 3.5.x.
Changed admin update notifications from a javascript alert to an on screen message for smoother updates.
Fixed an issue where dynamic urls were 301 redirecting even when the "Redirect Dynamic PHP Urls" setting was disabled.
Instructions for implementing menu link on x-cart 4.3.x Gold and 4.3.x Pro were modified.
Corrected issue where some 301 redirects were not performing correctly on IIS.

Updated the sql association of url/item to more gracefully handle possible -pX url conflict with pagination system.

Added automatic 301 redirects from xcart clean url and x-cart clean url history tables.

Setting added to optionally allow replacing default urls with full http domain, i.e. href="http://www.example.com/url/" instead of href="/url/"
Installation instructions modified to mention disabling of x-cart clean urls module.

Small installation changes made for x-cart 4.3 compatibility.

Updated 'Complete Installation!' link to 'Click here to Complete Installation!' for further clarification.
Get extension function updated to correct an issue with .htm extensions.

Added an optional setting to force the use of case-sensitive urls.
Added cronable product population.

Ensured dynamic use of all table references: $sql_tbl['tbl_name'].

Modified the sitemap generator to use internal css instead of a linked stylesheet, as the linked stylesheet caused authentication issues when the admin section was password protected.

Added bing.com support.

Foreign character translation modified so that character replacement variables are available in the cdseo_translate.php file.

Updated with new forum screenshot and url.

In admin section, added sku listing with product title to better differentiate products with the same name.
Added SKU to the cdseo admin search.

Small bug fixes supprounding .html and .htm extensions.
Modified canonical link tag to not use / when rewrite/redirect is specified in admin and /?xid=X is accessed.

Added 'large store' setting support to use individual query replacements.
Added 301 support for disabled items.
Added .htm extension support.
Updated import functionality to prevent -p from being utlized to avoid conflict with pagination.
Added to robots.txt: Disallow: sort_direction=*.

Canonical tag support added.

Modified the admin_func.php for mysql 3 compatibility in delete from multiple tables.
Modified auto-population for option to populate meta keywords and meta descriptions from short or long description.
Modified meta keyword/description for friendly truncation to break on periods, question marks, or exclamation marks, when applicable.

Fixed bug in foreign character translation that prevented auto-population in specific situtations.

Added foreign character translation when creating urls.
Added sitemap generator.
Modified cdseo_url_redirects.php to remove pageid from redirect query string.
Added a divUpdated class to style.css.
Modified cdseo_convert_urls.php to fix manufacturer redirect.
Added javascript code to limit urls in the admin section 251 chars.
Added a filter for status in the admin section display.
Ensured items deleted in x-cart are not present in cdseo database.
Fixed bug in https redirect support.

4.2 compatibility established.
Moved outputfilter file to modules/cdseolinks/.
Updated cdseo_config.php to reflect new outputfilter path.
Updated readme to reflect new instructions.
Updated import_func.php for 4.2 migration of meta tags.
Updated version.php.
Updated .htaccess code with new RewriteCond.

Added image map support to the outputfilter.
Removed page query string from url in cdseo redirects.

Changed stripos usage in admin_func.php since it is php5 only.
Updated htmlspecialchars usage in config and admin func.
Added $mid to cdseo_redirects for third party module support.
Added https_location support on redirects.

Added compatibility for 4.1.11.

Various bug fixes.
Added auto-population module.
Added 4.0.x compatibility.

Added Zeus and windows compatibility.

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