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Backup Master

Backup Master

With this module you can create full backups of your online shop. Later, in case of any server or software issues with the website, you can restore your shop to a working condition from these backup files.

Key Features

  • Backup copy of your MySQL database

    The module creates a dump of your website database and includes it into the backup file.

  • Backup copy of your website files

    The module creates an archive file with core X-Cart 5 files, files of installed modules and files from the "images", "files" and "public" directories. Files from other directories are not included into the backup. Before creating the archive it checks the available space on the disk in order to prevent the website from being crashed due to a lack of free disk space.

  • Compressed archive files

    The module compress the backup file into a Zip archive file (requires ZipArchive extension). If there is no ZipArchive extension enabled in your PHP configuration, the module will try to fall back to other compression methods (Tar, Tgz, Tbz).

  • Back-up process split into multiple steps

    The module splits the process into multiple steps to avoid issues caused by limits set on the number of open files, the memory limit, time outs, etc.

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