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Authorize.net DPM Module for X-cart (PA/DSS Compliant)

Authorize.net DPM Module for X-cart (PA/DSS Compliant)
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Authorize.net Direct Post Method Module for X-cart! This payment module add-on works with your Authorize.net AIM account to support you to be PCI Compliant including the new PA/DSS standard!

Use this module and your customers will see no difference in checkout! The beauty is, in the background, all Credit Card handling is done directly through Authorize.net.

  • Minimal installation. Simply apply an SQL patch and upload files!
  • Compatible with Altered Cart's One Page Checkout
  • Compatible with X-cart's 4.4.x One Page Checkout!
  • Use your existing Authorize.net AIM account
  • Customers never leave your site!
  • Open source! This means if your cart is customized, you can edit this module to work with your customized cart!
  • Allows the store owner to complete PCI compliance with a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A, instead of the more complex SAQ D*.
  • Allows you not to need X-payments!
  • Config option to limit the payment method to specific IPs for testing purposes!

  • Requires you to have an Authorize.net AIM account
  • Requires php 5.2 or greater

More information about Authorize.net DPM.

Note: This should work seamlessly if your checkout area is not modified or minimally modified. All source code is provided though if you need to make any modifications to suit your checkout area if it is customized.

* A full assessment of a vendors specific business process is required to determine which SAQ needs to be completed to achieve PCI compliance.
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