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Advanced Filter for X-cart

Advanced Filter for X-cart
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The Advanced Filter module for X-cart is a very powerful filter module. Great for Brand, Model, Year applications and any type of product filtering. You can assign any type of attributes to products and your customers can use those to filter your products quickly to what they are looking for. The filter module works in category pages, manufacture pages and x-cart search result pages.

This module is great for many types of sites including Car Parts sites, tool sites, clothing sites and many more!

Admin Features
  • Create as many filter categories as you wish
  • Easily disable the module on the customer side
  • Enable AJAX page updates when a filter is activated
  • Assign values to any, all, or none of the filter types for each product
  • Assign date ranges to a filter type (Great for Car applications).
Customer Features
  • Only applicable product filters will show up for a particular area on the website. So if you have Size, Color, Weight and Height for filters, but the products in a particular category only use the Size and Color filters, then only Size and Color will be available for filtering on in that particular category.
  • Filtering is available across categories, manufacturer pages and search result pages.
  • Pages that do not have any applicable filters show normally without any filter area.
  • Search results may be filtered.
  • Works with the latest versions of Smart Search!

NEW FEATURE: Now allows drop down dependencies. For example, you can have the model and year drop downs change based upon the Brand selection.

As with all BCSE products, you are entitled to 3 months of upgrades! Be sure and enter your shop domain below to be eligible!
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