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X-Cart 4.7 Features

X-Cart 4.7 Features
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Synopsis: Features of the X-Cart classic 4.7 range from 4.7.1 through to the current 4.7.11.
With this upgrade you get a significant speed improvement, a bunch of updates for payment addons. Also, you get to use the social payment method that is gaining popularity among the millennials. And of course, we have updated many features that you already have in your X-Cart.
  • PayPal supports Venmo button
  • Updated Amazon Payments Advanced according to the standards provided by Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay/Visa Checkout is now available through the new Elavon Converge Hosted Payments Page payment gateway
  • The Free Currency Converter API that is used in the XMultiCurrency addon now requires for a free API key. And the API version changed from v3 to v6
  • changelog
Improved SEO & Performance, Mailchimp Order Notifications, Shopper Approved, Bugfixes
It's improved greatly in terms of SEO and performance to make sure your site is fast enough to handle the increased interest.
Skrill and PayPal updates, Store Notifications, SEO, Bug Fixes

Important updates in payment integrations, enhanced delivery of your store email notifications, improved SEO and other interesting changes come with X-Cart v4.7.9.
  • SEO improvements for https, canonical URLs, redirects, async and blocking JavaScript, and image sizing
  • PayPal Express Checkout updated to v4 to replace In-Context Checkout which is going away
  • Email notification reliability improvements
  • Tracking number improvements including workflow and notifications
  • MailChimp improvements to error handling, default merge fields, and resubscription
  • mcrypt extension removed, now using OpenSSL
  • Now supports PHP 7.2 and MySQL 8.0
Facebook E-commerce, Mandrill, Amazon Feeds, Shipping Easy

Apart from bugfixes, it includes new features and improvements, such as integrations with Facebook E-commerce and Mandrill, enhanced Amazon Feeds module, updated X-Payments tools, and many minor but useful fixes and novelties.
Segment, Mailchimp eCommerce, Pay with Amazon

New useful features to make your stores more and more efficient. So, today is the release of X-Cart v4.7.7. However, this blog announcement is not only about v4.7.7, but also about the latest X-Cart Classic features and improvements in general. This is because when we decided upon the tools to be included into v4.7.7, they appeared to be so much-in-demand that we adapted them to older X-Cart versions too.
  • New Segment module
  • New Pilibaba Chinese Checkout module
  • MailChimp Integration updated to API 3.0. Adds support for Abandoned Cart workflow, Product Recommendations
  • Pay With Amazon major improvements
  • Shipping Markups percentage can now be applied to real-time rates
  • PayPal adds support for Payment Reversal and Cancel Reversal
  • Discount Coupons now have an improved expiration format, default date, and expired are marked red
  • AOM fixes for shipping cost reset, product price auto changes, shipping name, customer info, and more
  • Klarna Checkout updated to v5.0
  • UPS address verification issues fixed
  • Google Maps API key now defined by store admin
  • jQuery UI updated to 1.12 and added memcache support
  • changelog
Improved Performance, Bugfixes

X-Cart 4.7.6 comes with significant performance improvements and of course includes several new features. Also, by the release of 4.7.6 we've closed 80% of existing bugs and continue working on the remaining major improvements which require complex changes.
  • Now supports PHP 7 with 2-3x performance
  • New - Image Uploader added to HTML Editor (CKEditor) with drag-and-drop of images into text area
  • X-Monitoring module now included, (subscription required)
  • PayPal Express now includes real-time shipping calculation
  • Checkout removes "select a carrier" shipping menu tied to UPS
  • Admin - Order Tracking now allows multiple tracking numbers
  • Admin - Address Book can now be searched by name
  • Admin - Added settings for VAT Tax Number Validation Service
  • Admin - MailChimp icon finally fixed
  • eWay integration updated
  • Amazon Simple Pay removed
  • X-Payments now allows customers to save credit cards
  • Now supports MySQL 5.7 and mariaDB 10.1
  • jQuery updated to 2.2.4, jQuery UI Tooltip replaces jQuery.tooltip.js, and updates to HTML purifier and PHP Mailer
  • changelog
  • Maintenance release focused on outstanding bugs/issues and implementing suggested ideas
  • New - Amazon Feeds module
  • Now - Price Costing module
  • New - Template widgets CSS loader
  • Admin - New predefined and customizable date search filters
  • Admin - New categories menus can now be filtered with a new search field
  • Admin - New PayPal Partner Hosted With PCI Compliance payment method
  • Product Options adds List Price to Variants
  • Product Options no longer deletes prices, images, and weights for disabled Variants
  • Products map adds a setting to gray-out characters with no products
  • Google Shopping (Base/Froogle) fixed to export the main category for product_type instead of an additional category
  • Non-standard price format can now be used, such as thousandths
  • HTML5 placeholder attribute now used instead of obsolete Javascript code
  • Clean URLs can now be optionally lowercase
  • Update Inventory can now be updated by only SKU or ProductID
  • Category ID can now be added to breadcrumbs and additional categories in the SEO settings
  • Hidden products are now displayed in Recently Viewed
  • CSS modules can now be limited to specific pages
  • Date selector (separate start and end date fields) replaced with Date range widget
  • Admin - Quick Search can now search Variant SKUs
  • Admin - Origin address can now be set separate from company address for shipping calculation
  • Admin - CKEditor updated to version 4.5.7
  • Admin - Disabled and Hidden products now appear in different colors in popup product selector
  • changelog
  • New - Pitney Bowes International module included
  • New - Product net weight separate from shipping weight
  • New - Advanced Customer Reviews adds a "reward customer with discount coupon for review" feature
  • Product Options can now have Extra Fields for Variants, export Google Shopping fields for Variants, and Dependent Options based on Exceptions
  • Tax system improvements including the ability to tax gift wrap and payment surcharge
  • Admin - AOM improvements including customer membership pricing, sending edited order comments to customers, and a new Get Price button
  • Admin - Improvements and optimizations to searching for orders, users, and products including filtering in product selection popups
  • Fixed Open/Facebook Graph tags for category and Manufacturers pages to share correct title and image
  • AntiFraud adds a couple new features
  • Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code optimizations including splitting into two sections for better code placement
  • Extra Fields optimizations removes them from products listings by default. This could break certain customizations or add-on modules when upgraded to this version or beyond
  • changelog
  • MailChimp Integration module replaces MailChimp Basic
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus APIs updated including Facebook async API 2.3 and the ability to use Facebook comments in Advanced Customer Reviews
  • PayPal In-Context Checkout API updated (upgrade requires adding Merchant ID)
  • Google Analytics Universal Ecommerce tracking fix
  • Unavailable products now return a more SEO-friendly 404 (page not found)
  • Search/spider bots definitions adjusted to decrease site overload by bots
  • Gold Plus - Email Account Activation fixes affecting several systems
  • New - Alibaba Wholesale module (beta)
  • jQuery updated to 1.11.3 (IE8) and 2.1.4
  • changelog
  • Hotfix for critical security vulnerabilities, with a few important bug fixes
  • PayPal In-Context Checkout expanded to many more countries, bank accounts, and currencies
  • changelog
4.7 (4.7.1*)
  • License agreement now limits free upgrades to 1 year, similar to v5
  • New - PayPal In-Context Checkout
  • New - Simple mobile-ready skin: Light Responsive
  • One Page Checkout workflow improvements
  • AOM overhauled:
    • Shipping method name and payment method surcharge now editable
    • Second address line can now be removed
    • Discounts and taxes calculation was incorrect in particular circumstances, now rewritten
    • Added email validation
    • Profile fields, taxes, discounts, and other features re-factored
  • Flyout Menus now ajax loading if cached
  • Updated UPS API and package limits
  • Gold Plus - New Custom Order Statuses module
  • Admin - New Print Packing Slip feature
  • Admin - Clear X-Cart Cache now removes compiled templates if compile check is off (Clear Templates removed)
  • Smarty updated to 3.1 (upgrading notes), additonal notes:
    • added XC_Smarty_Security class
    • direct_access_security is now enabled
    • restored common php modifiers to standard security
    • escape modifier plugin now uses mb_convert_encoding to handle all charsets/utf-8 characters
  • jQuery updated to v2 (drops IE8)
  • jQuery UI updated to 1.11.4 (drops IE7), and updates to jQuery Cookie and jQuery Block UI
  • PHP 5.3.0 minimum requirement (5.3.7+ recommended)
  • changelog
  • *4.7.0 was beta version only

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