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X-Cart 4.6 Features

X-Cart 4.6 Features
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Synopsis: Features of the previous 4.6 range of X-Cart classic
  • Maintenance release focused on outstanding issues and performance
  • UPS updates, UI improvements, and can now split an oversized order
  • FedEx now supports List and Account rates
  • USPS and Australia Post updates
  • Product catalog cache now cleared for new or now-available products
  • Company email addresses can now have a display name
  • Payment Methods checkout section now hidden when order total is zero
  • One Page Checkout now allows multiple Gift Certificates to be used
  • Upgrades now work with previously applied official patches
  • changelog
  • New - Payment gateways: ePDQ Essential, CyberSource
  • Anonymous customers can now be searched, modified, exported, converted to real accounts, and use Address Book
  • Pay With Amazon module now included
  • FedEx SOAP API v14 (new installs only)
  • X-Payments Connector major set of usability improvements and fixes (X-Payments 2.1.1 required)
  • Included skins stripped down to Ideal (Comfort and Responsive), Light & Lucid (2- and 3-columns), and Books & Magazines
  • Optimization for xcart_customers: Moved xcart_customers.cart to new xcart_customer_saved_carts table
  • Now supports PHP 5.5 and MySQLi (not enabled by default)
  • changelog
  • New - Subscriptions through X-Payments v2. Allows saving credit cards and is also available for 4.4.5+
  • New - Responsive email notifications
  • Advanced Statistics module removed in lieu of Google Analytics
  • Bestsellers and Recommended Products modules rewritten and optimized, no longer relying on the now-defunct Advanced Statistics module
  • Product returns (RMA) now available to guest orders. First step in rebuilding guest customer functionality coming in future versions
  • JavaScript libraries updated. jQuery updated to 1.10.2, jQuery UI updated to 1.8.23, and updates to jCarousel, jQuery Cookie, jQuery Block UI, and Handlebars
  • Ideal Responsive significantly improved and is now the default template
  • Old stats in database and old files in /var now automatically cleaned
  • USPS updated again for new API released in July
  • PayPal Access has issues that will be patched separately (in 4.6.3)
  • Removed: Advanced Statistics, Google Checkout, Wibiya
  • X-Payments Connector improved
  • IE8 will still work but no longer supported by X-Cart and may not appear as you expect
  • Smarty updated to version 2.6.28
  • changelog
  • New - PayPal Bill Me Later checkout option
  • New - Klarna payment gateway integration
  • New - Two-Factor Authentication module using Authy
  • New - Admin context help system
  • Speed Optimization (product searches up to 5 times faster and more)
    • Product listings and search now use a 1h "product publishing time" cache
  • Ideal Responsive Template now included
  • Next-Previous Products module now included
  • Avalara AvaTax module now included (subscription required)
  • Froogle/Google Base module renamed to Google Shopping
  • IE6/IE7 compatibility workarounds removed
  • Admin - Modules section redesigned
  • Admin - Import optimization and improved import file error messages
  • MySQL 5.6 appears to be supported with the removal of previous "SET OPTIONS" commands
  • Release Notes
  • changelog

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